Komori LS 440 (2008)


Age: 2008
Max.Size: 40 x 28 inch (101 x 71 cm)
Colors: 4
Impress.Count: 80 mio

Extras: Autoplate - Touch-screen Control - Dryer



YEAR 2008
SIZE 28X40
80 Millions Impressions
PQC Komori (Print Quality Control)
KMS IV (Komori Monitoring System)
KHS Komori (High-speed Inking)
AMR (Automatic Make Ready)
FAPC (Full Automatic Plate Mounting)
Cocking Register
Pre-connected to CIP3
Komorimatic Dampening
Suction Tape Feeder
Ink Temperature Control
Automatic Inking Rollers Wash Up
Baldwin Chiller
Electronic Double Sheet & Side lay Detector
Steel Plates in Feeder and Delivery

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